I love computer games, but they are broken and it’s affecting us all; gamers and non-gamers alike.

Despite an upbringing entirely situated in the post-modern era, games have inherited the same issues with misrepresentation and insensitivity that still plague film, music, and even literature. You might not buy the ‘games are an art-form’ argument but it can hardly be disputed that as a prominent mode of 21st century entertainment they are significant cultural artifacts. As such, games contribute to our perceptions of society, both shaping and shaped by culture, much like any popular medium.

Games are due a renaissance though. Gaming culture is plagued by overt sexism, racism, homophobia, and a litany of other crimes against equality; a course that game developers themselves are seldom willing to correct. This blog is an explanation of how general attitudes within gaming culture have become so abhorrent, how these attitudes affect society, and why helping to change them is about the most important thing gamers and non-gamers alike can do.


These guys don’t know what the fuck everyone’s problem is.


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